Neon Sunglasses

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Chromatic Matte Sunglasses
Chromatic Matte Sunglasses feature black frames, coloured temples, and tinted lenses
from $2.44 to $2.15 ea
250 min qty
Wave Rubberized Sunglasses
Wave Rubberized Sunglasses are great for travels, festivals, and pool or beach parties
from $2.89 to $2.31 ea
150 min qty
Silky Maui Sunglasses
Silky Maui Sunglasses are made of quality PC plastic with attractive glossy finish
from $4.58 to $3.40 ea
100 min qty
Luster Look Sunglasses
Luster Look Sunglasses have a metallic colour finish with UV400 lenses.
from $5.49 to $4.35 ea
100 min qty
Open Arms Sunglasses
Open Arms Sunglasses are available in a cool range of colours.
from $5.73 to $4.58 ea
100 min qty

Neon sunnies are the latest in fashion when it comes to ordering custom sunnies for your next promotional event. They are very inexpensive, have that classic 80's wayfarer shape and their vibrant colour combinations make your custom branding stand out for all to see. Invest in these sunnies for a promotion that'll surely stand out from the crowd.